Golden, Glowing Engagement Session in Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua tree engagement session couple posing with joshua tree

We wanted to share this amazing golden, glowing engagement session we recently had in Joshua Tree National Park. The light during golden hour was absolutely magical, creating a warm, golden glow that made the desert landscape even more stunning. Pazia & Andriy were so sweet with each other and were down for anything. It was such a joy to capture their love!

As we wandered through the desert, we found the perfect spots for photos with the Joshua trees and rocky terrain as our backdrop. The way the sunlight danced off their faces and the landscape around them was just breathtaking. They were so comfortable and natural with each other, which made capturing genuine and romantic moments between them a breeze.

We love how the golden hour light added a touch of warmth and romance to the photos. It created a dreamy and ethereal feel. It was such a joy to witness and capture the love between this couple in such a stunning setting. We feel incredibly grateful to be able to document these special moments and create lasting memories for them to cherish forever. We can’t wait for our next engagement session in this magical place we love, Joshua Tree National Park!

California has so many different landscapes. It’s the reason we love living here so much! We always say if you’re bored of the landscape just drive an hour in any direction haha. Whether you love snow, mountain forests, golden deserts, the beach, ocean cliffsides or valleys with meadows, California truly has it all. There’s something for everyone.

If you’ve been planning to elope in California or want to do your engagement session here, look no further! Just shoot us a message HERE and let us help you plan your best day ever together.

Check out our Ultimate California Elopement Planning Guide for help narrowing down the best way to elope in California!

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