Sunsets & Motorcycles: Love in Joshua Tree’s Desert Glow

couple rides motorcycle in joshua tree for their engagement session

Hey, love enthusiasts! Gather ’round for a love story that’s equal parts adventure and rom-com magic – the tale of Carolina and Kyle, as witnessed through tour lenses. Picture warm desert hues, golden sunsets, and a touch of adventure – it’s a love saga in the heart of Joshua Tree, and we’ve got the front-row seats as their Joshua Tree engagement photographer!

The Showbiz Start: A Tale of Beers and Elevator Kisses

Our love smitten protagonists, Carolina and Kyle, first crossed paths working on the set of “Undercover Boss: Celebrity.” The endless hours working on set forged a unique bond. Kyle’s bold first move was a late-night beer offering during wrap but Carolina, tethered to work for another two hours, had to decline, annoyed by the looming workload. Little did they know, that beer exchange set the stage for a love story that transcends the ordinary.

Fast forward through roadside hangouts, an elevator forehead kiss *eeep! the cuteness!* , and there you have it: the beginning of a romance. Little did they know, their journey would take them to the enchanting Joshua Tree National Park for an engagement session that perfectly captured the warmth, golden hues, fun, and romance of their unique connection.

Joshua Tree: A Weekend Getaway to Forever

Their first date was a cozy night in with Stranger Things 2, pizza, and beer, which set the stage for their romance. Carolina, in a humorous, beer-choosing-induced trance at the local Vons, stared at the options for a solid 15 minutes, contemplating the perfect choice for Kyle. A few weeks later, with their job complete, Carolina and Kyle set out for a weekend getaway to Joshua Tree. An uncharted territory for Kyle and a familiar haven for Carolina, but always with groups of friends. As they hit the road, Carolina couldn’t help but wonder if Kyle could be a secret serial killer. Only one way to find out and off they went. Camping, climbing, and a knight-in-shining-armor moment as Kyle deftly handled a rain fly in the dead of night . Joshua Tree quickly became the backdrop for the beginning of their forever.

Looking Forward: Ready for the Unknown

Their love is evident, from Carolina’s weakness for Kyle’s smile, kindness, sense of humor and “vertical-ness” . To Kyle’s admiration for Carolina’s smile, hair, girl boss strength and “hot bod” (his words, not ours haha!) They share quirky inside jokes like neck farts, a love for walking their dog, and the time they accidentally took an advanced salsa class.

As they opened up about their relationship, they shared their hopes and fears. They’re ready for the adventure of marriage but scared sh*tless – a sentiment we’re sure is relatable to most! Their love, a source of safety and importance, is something they can’t imagine living without.

A Joshua Tree Engagement Session

Carolina and Kyle were a bit worried about their engagement session in Joshua Tree—things like posing, smiling too much, and feeling a bit awkward were on their minds. But you know what? Despite those concerns, they were super excited! They really wanted their engagement photos to be all about adventure, fun, goofiness, warmth, stunning moments, and of course, a dash of romance. As their go-to Joshua Tree engagement photographer, we were there to make it happen! Their session not only captured these feelings but also froze a moment in time. Preserving the essence of their love in the golden glow of Joshua Tree.

The best moment had to be when Michael hung out of our car to capture their desert motorcycle ride through the park!

As we scroll through the stunning images of Carolina and Kyle’s engagement session, we’re reminded that love is an adventure, and these two are riding into forever with smiles, warmth, and a motorcycle ride through the breathtaking landscapes of Joshua Tree National Park.

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