La Arboretum Engagement Session

Michael and I got the super fun honor to meet up with Lisa and Andrew for their LA Arboretum engagement session.

To say these two are adorable is an understatement! Lisa is quite possibly the CUTEST human being I have ever met. Her giggly, joy-filled energy is the perfect match to Andrew’s steady and sweet demeanor. Just by watching them interact I can tell that Lisa brings out Andrew’s silly side.

They were a bit nervous and shy at first. BUT once I started cracking my ridiculous jokes and making my weird squealing sounds at how cute they looked, I was able to help them let their guard down and just have fun with each other ! Trust me, no one will look more ridiculous at your photo session than me. I’m always acting out what I want my couples to do and contorting into weird positions 😅 Maybe that’s why my back hurts all the time? oh wellz #photographerlife

I have never gotten to shoot at the LA Arboretum so I was so excited to explore it during their engagement session! IT’S HUGE (that’s what she said 😉)

couple poses for La arboretum engagement photo

side note: How cute is Lisa’s outfit? You can get her crop top and skirt on Amazon! They come in a bunch of different colors so you can coordinate your outfit with your love 🙂

The LA Arboretum is a perfect place for your engagement session. There is so much variety!

These bears had a special meaning for Lisa and Andrew. This is a perfect example of how you can incorporate special props into your session! It’s such a great way to personalize it to you both.

la arboretum engagement session
laughing couple poses for engagement photo at the la arboretum
la arboretum engagement session photo of couple laughing
couple dances at the la arboretum
couple poses in front of orange tree at the la arboretum
couple dances for photo at la arboretum
couple laughing and dancing in La arboretum engagement session photo

The LA Arboretum was such a gorgeous place for an engagement session. If you’re thinking of having your engagement session here, you do need to reserve ahead of time and buy the $75 photography permit. BUT IT’S SO WORTH IT! And $75 for a permit is NOT bad at all compared to most other gardens and Arboretums in Southern California.

Lisa and Andrew, thank you for the incredibly fun time! I CANNOT WAIT for your wedding next!

Ready to book your laugh til you drop engagement session that captures who you are together? Send me a message HERE and I will get back to you in less than 24hours. I can’t wait to meet you!

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