Malibu Engagement Session

I had never been to Solstice Canyon in Malibu until this engagement session. THAT will definitely be changing. The last two years have been a mess, because of this the wedding industry has changed alot in 2022. 2022 couples have shifted their priorities. What I love most about 2022 couples is that they are fully embracing just skipping the “normal” path to getting married and are just doing their own thing! After the mess of 2020 and how much it uprooted the flow of wedding planning, 2022 couples are resilient and creative and truly creating some beautiful intentional plans for their wedding day. It’s truly so inspiring.

They’re eloping in Portugal (HOW AMAZING IS THAT GOING TO BE?!) later this year but want to legally get married here first. So they flew into San Francisco from Seattle, got legally married and road tripped down to Malibu as a fun “mini honeymoon” trip to celebrate. Talk about literally ditching tradition and doing their own thing! I loved what they had planned! It was such an honor that they wanted to me join them in their celebration and capture some photos to commemorate the occasion!

I love to see couples ditch tradition and do their own thing! Shell and Tanner are one of those couples. It’s so awesome that they wanted to document their engagement session in Malibu at Solstice Canyon! Honeymoon sessions should definitely be more of a thing.

Me, Michael, Shell & Tanner headed up to the windy, gorgeous hills of Solstice Canyon in Malibu for their session. It was such a special, fun time. Their love is so evident you can feel it when you look at them.

We had lots of laughs and lots of hair in our mouths the whole time but it was so worth it! The sunset beaming through the hills on them was such a gorgeous vibe.

This session was just what I needed to reignite my passion and gratitude for what I’m able to call my job.

It truly is a dream to be able to do this. So grateful for it!

couple runs hand in hand during malibu photo session
couple poses at sunset in solstice  canyon malibu photo session
couple laughing while taking engagement photos in Malibu canyon
couple kisses with sunset behind them at solstice canyon in malibu for their engagement session
malibu engagement session
couple kisses during solstice canyon photo session
solstice canyon malibu couple poses for engagement sesson
malibu couple poses for engagement photos
couple embraces at solstice canyon at sunset
couples laughs  while posing for photo at solstice canyon

If you want to check out Solstice Canyon for your self, ALLTrails is a FANTASTIC resource to look up trails ahead of time and get an idea of what its’s like. Get outside and enjoy God’s creation 🙂

Want to know how to absolutely rock your photo session without the awkwardness? Here are some tips to prepare and how to make the most of your photo session with me!

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