Malibu Elopement in the Clouds

As their photographer there’s so much I can say about Joanne & JJ’s Malibu, California elopement

Joanne and JJ are are the type of dream clients every other elopement photographer wants. They just GET IT. I’ll let Joanne’s words speak for themselves about what they wanted their Malibu elopement to be like.

“We have been to countless weddings, large and small, indoors and outdoors, international and hometown. All beautiful and special in their own way. But our plans are simple. We want to celebrate our growth, our love, and commitment to one another with just each other and our dog.” 🥺🥺🥺🥺

I loved that this Malibu Airdream adventure in the clouds was what they wanted to do together to celebrate their marriage.

When I first got their inquiry and they mentioned an airstream, their dog, Malibu and their sweet intimate plans for their wedding day I knew I had to be a part of it. Michael and I had the absolute best day laughing and crying with them. We felt so honored to be part of their beautiful day.

From drinking Rosé and playing with their dog Jenga while getting ready, to their first look, their personal vows, and just silly fun while taking their photos together they stayed true to themselves. Joanne and JJ knew they weren’t the type to have a big traditional wedding. So they made their own plans that reflected them as a couple.

Even if you don’t go the “Just us and our dog” route, make sure you include elements and plans that reflect you as a couple. It’s YOUR day, YOUR marriage ❤️

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dog of honor at Malibu elopement
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bride and groom exchange vows at Malibu elopement
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Hannah Pascual is traveling elopement & intimate wedding photographer based in Southern California. Capturing genuine moments + joyful vibes for adventurous, laid back, fun loving couples and intimate weddings. Let’s adventure together somewhere new and get you married: Contact me here and let’s do this! I can’t wait to meet and connect with you.

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