Yosemite Sunrise Elopement

As an elopement photographer, shooting a sunrise elopement in Yosemite was a DREAM come true, and Glacier point was just the icing on the cake. Sarah & Derek made our dream come true, we’ve always wanted to photograph couples in Yosemite. But these photos almost didn’t happen!

Sarah found us on instagram and sent us a message telling meusthat they had had to cancel their wedding due to covid. They were already going to have a small wedding with just mainly family but since so many were out of state/country they wouldn’t be able to make it. BUT not letting that get them down, they decided to plan something fun for just the two of them and get married anyway! We were originally going to do their photos in Joshua Tree but since it was supposed to be pretty hot. So we suggested Yosemite instead.

We planned everything, got our permits in order and then we waited with excitement! As we got closer, fires broke out all around Yosemite. We were wondering if we would even be able to go at all. Then the park shut down completely due to safety concerns. We were so worried that this beloved park would go up in flames. We decided to just wait it out as the incredible fire fighters in the area fought off the fires.

Even though the park opened back up just in time, we decided to push out the date because of all the smoke. As you can see it worked out perfectly, we got so lucky, the day was so clear! We got up around 3am, got ready and headed up to Glacier point for their sunrise elopement.

bride getting makeup done before yosemite elopement
groom gets ready for yosemite elopement
bridal hairstyle for yoemite elopement
bride gets ready for sunrise elopement
yosemite star gazing
ccouple waits for sin to rise for their elopement in yosemite
couple poses for elopement photos in yosemite
yosemite elopement couple poses for sunrise
sunrise glacier point elopement photo session
bride and groom pose during sunrise in yosemite
glacier point elopement view
couple poses at glacier point yosemite
couple poses in yosemite national park
couple poses at sunrise in yosemite national park
bride and groom pose for sunrise portrait in yosemite
groom portrait in yosemite
bride poses at glacier point in yosemite
bridal portraits in yosemite
couple poses at sunrise at glacier point yosemite
couple at sunrise Yosemite elopement portrait
glacier point elopement couple
glacier point elopement portrait in yosemite
wedding at sunrise at glacier point yosemite
couple poses for yosemite elopement  photos
Yosemite elopement wedding photographer photo
couple poses for portraits with half dome in yosemite for elopement
Couple twirls Yosemite for elopement photos
Yosmite elopement photographer photo
couple dances for elopement photo in yosemite
Couple poses for elopement photographer in Yosemite
Yosemite meadows elopement

Want to plan your own Yosemite Elopement but don’t know where to start?

We got you! We’re more than just your Yosemite elopement photographer. We will be with you every step of the planning process. We’ll give you timeline assistance, location ideas, permit info and help guide you through the logistics of planning an elopement! To get you brainstorming, check out the Yosemite National Park’s official website!

Are you ready to adventure with your love to Yosemite or beyond? Say hey and let’s plan your adventure!

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